Being able to predict the future would be a great power to have. Especially when it came to personal finances. But it would also have tremendous value in keeping our nation secure. Especially in the area of weapon system maintenance. In this field, two long-standing questions always seem to pop up: what will happen next and how are things that happen related. That’s why the Department of Defense (DoD) has put Predictive Maintenance at the forefront of their ongoing transformation.

Predictive Maintenance key to DoD’s future success

In fact, embedding this capability within their systems holds so much promise that the DoD has even included Predictive Maintenance on the Defense Innovation Units’ (DIU) “transformative projects” list. This list serves to identify viable prototypes that can scale across DoD platforms and services.


Data analytics critical for AI/ML in defense

To help address the DoD’s needs, Cisco has engaged in developing artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) architectures that can support predictive maintenance activities. And they can do so from the edge to the cloud. We also recognize that the questions surrounding AI/ML may have a need for varied answers that can resolve multiple demands like:

  • the maintainer at the edge is interested in rapid troubleshooting and arriving at a job execution plan
  • while the maintenance operations centers are interested in aligning skills and parts availability with the anticipated demand
  • but the strategic maintenance planning centers are interested in identifying optimum periodic maintenance schedules and developing reliability & maintainability solutions.

All these activities require a context aligned solution that capitalizes on distributed AI/ML assets that exploit data proximity and meet task urgency requirements. Plus, they need do so by taking advantage of data analytics at the edge and across the enterprise.

Predictive maintenance and AI/ML

Predictive Maintenance AI/ML Artificial Intelligence

At this year’s NVIDIA GTC conference (4-6 November), we’ll dive straight into those questions via a dialogue between Cisco and NT Concepts. Together we’ll outline an issue that faces the entire DoD: Mission Readiness.

We’d love to have you join the conversation. So we’ve provided a discount code below for your use. But if you can’t make it in person, we encourage you to check out NT Concepts recent blog on Mission Readiness with Machine Learning and PHM: Failure is Not an Option. In it, you’ll gain a better understanding of an approach that exploits data to find the linkages between the two ongoing questions in weapon system maintenance: what will happen next and how are the things that happen related.

You’re invited!

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