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Caroline Hilla

Product Marketing Coordinator
Marketing and Communications

Caroline Hilla is a Marketing Coordinator on Cisco’s Global Industries Team responsible for the planning, strategy, and execution of customer-driven content for Energy and Manufacturing industry solutions. Caroline brings a diverse marketing background with experience in graphic design, social media management, public relations, and small business development strategy. Across the scope of her career, Caroline has led and facilitated many innovative content projects focusing on audience growth, omni-channel research and development strategy, and comprehensive ROI analysis tools.

After living in Germany for 1.5 years, Caroline focused on leveraging her unique international experience to advance her career. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Strategy with a minor in German at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her international background and digital marketing experience uniquely suits her to the task of helping Cisco deliver smarter, safer, and more resilient networking solutions for today’s Energy and Manufacturing leaders.

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