Inclusive Communities

July 22, 2022


A Unique Cybersecurity Career Path: From Journalism to Cisco

6 min read

A Cisco leader shares her strategies for crafting a cybersecurity career path and managing through creative problem solving, direct feedback and self-awareness.

June 28, 2022


Cisco Talos Supports Ukraine Through Empathy

6 min read

Cisco Talos leaders working in Ukraine share how encouraging empathy and self-care supports employees working and living in the region.

June 10, 2022


What & Who You Know: How to get a job in cybersecurity with no experience

8 min read

Want a job in cybersecurity with no experience? Learn the top 10 tips from leaders at Cisco Secure and Duo Security on leveraging your skills and network.

April 28, 2022


The More You Know: Job Searching & Interviewing

9 min read

Recruiters and hiring managers at Cisco and Duo Security share useful tips for those job searching and interviewing in the cybersecurity and tech industries.

December 20, 2021


Disabilities Around Us – Turning Awareness into Action

2 min read

In celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3rd) our offices in multiple cities around the world were lit purple. This global movement was started by to celebrate and draw attention to the economic contribution of the 386 million disabled employees around the world.

September 16, 2021


Proud of My Accent

4 min read

Marketing Specialist Sabrina G. shares how in her first year at Cisco she found she can be her true self and proud of her accent thanks to Conexión, Cisco's Latino Inclusive Community.