Rose Depoe

Executive Director
Consumer Products & Services

As Executive Director for Cisco’s Consumer Products and Services Sector, Rose Depoe helps retailers achieve the greatest business value from today’s powerful technologies, through creating the customer experience, simplifying operations, and driving revenues.

Unlike most technology leaders, Rose was born and bred in the retail industry. She started by working part-time in a retail store while at school, and eventually achieved senior executive positions in Store Operations. Thanks to this hands-on experience, Rose was invited to join IBM in a nationwide retail business transformation and consulting role. This experience led to other innovation-focused solutions development roles for retailers around the globe.

The perfect opportunity arose to apply these skills at Cisco, where the convergence of business strategies and retail networking solutions brings it all to life for store operators. “I love that ‘ah-ha’ moment when we’ve pulled it all together and see the customer recognize real business value,” Rose says. “At Cisco I get to help pave the way to success with industry-leading technology. It’s incredibly exciting.”

Today, Rose draws on her extensive background to help retailers identify strategic imperatives and the technology solutions necessary to grow and thrive in today’s business environment. She is a popular expert speaker at industry trade shows (look out for her at NRF in January) and an active advocate for women in business.

When Rose isn’t tackling new retail challenges, she likes to spend time at home with her family (husband Steve and two beagles), relax in the backyard puttering around the herb garden, and entertain friends. And, no doubt, checking out the retail stores in the area to see what’s new….

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