June 26, 2018


5 Ways Working at Cisco is Like Running the Amazing Race

4 min read

Cisco Employee Christy C. was on the hit TV show The Amazing Race and she wants to tell you how it's a lot like working at Cisco!

Pay TV in Asia – Where is the puck going?

5 min read

Fifty countries, 4.5 billion people, a multitude of cultures and economies. And that variation includes the way people watch TV. Learn more about the new era of Pay TV.

Cisco @NAB’17: That Cloud Momentum You’re Feeling? It’s For Real

3 min read

Experience Cisco innovations in action at NAB 2017: live production over IP + cloud infrastructure, next gen data center, security and smart streaming. Live demos in Booth SU8502CM.

Cuddle the cord cutters: Make sure summer isn’t your slow time

2 min read

It’s easy to forget about TV in summer. Sunshine, holidays and a drop off in content mean viewers are less likely to tune in compared with other times of year. So providers should be working harder than ever to retain their viewers. Research from Sanford Bernstein shows that  pay-TV subscriptions are falling. It found that […]

Go over the top and into the cloud to augment pay-TV services

2 min read

You need to act fast to avoid losing the pay-TV race. The new breed of over-the-top players aren’t messing around. Read on to discover your competitive edge… Over-the-top (OTT) TV and video services are expected to generate $51 billion by 2020, according to a recent Global OTT TV & Video Forecasts report. The number is […]

Cisco Live 2016: 5 top trends in video

3 min read

Cisco Live Las Vegas saw thousands of people come together to talk tech and get the inside track on the industry. Here’s a look at the top five video trends to emerge from this year’s event. But what does it all mean for Service Providers. Now is the time for cloud TV Cloud TV was […]

Summertime and the viewin’ is easy (depending on your broadband connection)

3 min read

Summer is my time to play catch up with TV. There is a huge list of TV shows and movies that will be streamed on Netflix and Hulu from the past year. Netflix may even allow you to download its videos, according to recent news. Over a gigabyte of data is consumed to watch an […]

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Rethink your Video Security Approach

2 min read

After very visible media and video broadcast industry attacks, everyone in the industry is worried about security, and let’s face it, there’s good reason to be. According to Novetta, there is evidence that the Sony hackers have been at work since at least 2009, and they are still at large. Media executives have reported that […]

Subscribers want it all, and they’re willing to pay for it

3 min read

New cloud-based video experiences like cloud digital video recorder, TV everywhere, and streaming video-on-demand sound great on paper. But will subscribers actually pay for them? The answer is a resounding yes – to the tune of nearly an $11 increase in monthly revenues per user globally (and almost a $34 increase in North America!), according […]