After very visible media and video broadcast industry attacks, everyone in the industry is worried about security, and let’s face it, there’s good reason to be. According to Novetta, there is evidence that the Sony hackers have been at work since at least 2009, and they are still at large. Media executives have reported that the number of security incidents over the last 12 months has jumped 17%. The attack on TV5Monde saw the station’s 12 channels taken over and helpless for 18 hours. You want to focus on creating the most audience captivating video experiences, without the fear of your latest creation being stolen or compromised before your vision becomes a reality. And when you get ready to deliver the content, you want to ensure that only your authorized customers are able to enjoy your services.

Security can be a business enabler. You want to take advantage of today’s digital technologies such as IP, cloud, and over-the-top (OTT) delivery, and not be deterred by security concerns. Robust security is crucial to protecting your business, your content and services, and your customers. By protecting your entire network and content creation and video broadcast infrastructure from cyber criminals, you can then fully monetize your investments. Imagine finding one vendor with deep experience to secure your infrastructure so you can deliver premium content, at any time, and on any screen. Imagine one solution to rule them all.

Cisco combines best of breed security products and services – the #1 in data center security and the #1 in video security – that deliver unmatched depth and breadth. Our proven VideoGuard Everywhere, conditional access (CA), and multi-digital rights management (DRM) based protection solutions have the longest unhacked track record in the market, spanning 14 years. This long-standing leadership in broadcast TV security makes us the trusted security partner for hundreds of customers worldwide, protecting over three hundred million devices. VideoGuard Everywhere’s anti-piracy services prevents your content from being redistributed illegally by locating, identifying, verifying, and eliminating such activity. Our global team of Operational Security experts constantly tracks pirates to stop them from impacting our customers’ business.

Cisco’s approach to video headend and media data center security safeguards content and customer data from advanced cyber threats when it is created, distributed, and consumed. With granular access control over as well as enhanced visibility and control of everyone and every device on your network, you lock down the video broadcast and media infrastructure to stop potential threats before they can cause damage and quickly remediate if they do manage to get in.

Cisco’s Threat-Centric security solutions are designed to protect your video content, broadcast infrastructure, and critical business systems. Our multilayered solutions work together to protect your business from advanced cyber threats before, during and after an attack. BEFORE the attack, our solution strengthens the network perimeter, enforces secure access, and safeguards media content across networks, systems, users, and data. DURING the attack, it provides real-time detection and mitigation from known threats. And AFTER the attack, it helps you to quickly discover malware that gets in and resolves these unknown attacks to prevent your business from being compromised.

Diagram. Threat-Centric Security Solutions: Before, During, and After


Cyber crime against the media and video broadcast industry is on the rise. Cisco’s holistic approach to infrastructure and broadcasting security solutions makes us your trusted partner for business expansion.

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Sam Rastogi

Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager