You need to act fast to avoid losing the pay-TV race. The new breed of over-the-top players aren’t messing around. Read on to discover your competitive edge…

Over-the-top (OTT) TV and video services are expected to generate $51 billion by 2020, according to a recent Global OTT TV & Video Forecasts report. The number is all the more impressive when compared to 2010 revenue results of just $4.2 billion.

Pay-TV providers (cable, fiber and satellite) have seen rising customer churn rates. And all the while OTT companies sign up ever-greater numbers of subscribers. So what can you do to stem the flow of cord cutters and attract more people back?

As the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Why go OTT?

As a provider, you’re in an enviable position. You have a wealth of content and the ability to aggregate and bundle it from many sources. You can apply analytics and form policies based on customer behavior. Using this you can provide personalization and quality of service (QoS) down to different device types.

Adding OTT TV and video services doesn’t mean replacing or cannibalizing your existing services. In fact, OTT can extend your reach. It gives subscribers access to content wherever they are. This will help to build loyalty and encourage new customers to sign up.

You can offer the service for customers when they are in places without normal access. A case in point is the college student who lives on campus. Sky launched Now TV in the UK to cater for such needs. It’s an OTT TV service with a host of purchasing options. With one-day passes, sport bundles and on-demand movies, it covers all bases.

There’s no need for skilled installation or network hook-up. Just sign up, log on and start watching. It’s proven a hit with existing customers. New subscribers have signed up in droves too.


Cloud offers reach, speed, and a great experience

You can quickly add OTT video and TV services for your end user through the cloud. Don’t build out a new infrastructure in your data center. It’s faster and cheaper to get the resources you need with cloud services. The cloud provides three key benefits…


You can provide your service to people direct. On whatever devices they’re using and whenever they’re ready to start watching. Viacom research found that consumers watch content on an average of six different devices.


With the cloud, you can deliver a great user experience. It’s personal, optimal, and consistent. At its best, content delivery must be tailored to the context of viewing – on the go, at a WiFi hotspot or at home – and with the resolution best suited to the device used.

Navigation and search results can be personalized based on someone’s profile and usage analytics. These include vital factors such as age, gender, location, language, viewing history and preferences.


You can deploy new services and features faster than ever before. With no need to deal with infrastructure issues you’re free. Free to focus on strategy, creativity, and competitiveness.

Are you launching a new OTT service, or extending an existing one? Are you a mobile operator or a broadcaster? Whatever the answers, the cloud is your fast onramp to join the OTT TV and video market. Why sit by and let OTT players suck up all the revenue?

Take on the OTTs

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Adam Davies

Technical Leader, Engineering

Service Provider, Video Solutions