Jose van Dijk

May 8, 2023


CRN Recognizes Cisco’s Trailblazing Women Leaders

Cisco is well represented this year by leaders from across the partner organization, so let’s take a look at who’s on the list including our 4 leaders who made the Power 100 list.

April 3, 2023


Black Belt Academy: learn, apply, succeed at providing customer value!

The Cisco Black Belt Academy is a simplified enablement framework built to help partner sales and engineers learn Cisco’s competitive advantage and how Cisco solutions stack up against the competition.

February 17, 2023


Understanding Partner Practice Maturity to Grow Business

The key thing about Practice Maturity is that it aligns with our partners’ businesses as they grow. We are with our partners for each step, from developing to fully optimizing all potential opportunities.

November 2, 2022


Unleashing Constant Partner Platform Innovations

Cisco has a long history with our partner-led strategy. We continue investing in global partner channels to provide outcomes consistent with customer needs to become entirely digitized in the future.

October 27, 2022


Exciting Partner Summit 2022 Activities: Women of the Channel & Partner Journey Experience

“Let’s Own It” is the theme for this year's annual Cisco Partner Summit. There will be many great experiences for partners to get fully immersed with the key announcements. Including our Women in Channels reception hosted by Oliver Tuszik on Nov 1.

August 15, 2022


A Quarter Century of Globally Influenced Innovative Leadership

I have always been confident and true to who I am, and I needed to be because we were the trailblazers creating and innovating the plan as we went. Here is a glimpse into this journey.

July 15, 2022


Accelerating in every way possible

We understand that there are shifts in your business, so we created a one-stop Partner Experience Platform (PXP) to efficiently support and drive productivity in how you navigate change at the speed of your customer’s needs.

May 9, 2022


Record 38 Cisco Leaders Make CRN’s 2022 Women of the Channel List

Every year in May, CRN releases their highly-anticipated Women of the Channel List. This year’s list is not only the largest yet, but the number of Cisco leaders who were named to CRN’s 2022 Women of the Channel list is the most ever at 38!

April 25, 2022


Building a Partner Bridge to Talent

Cisco created the Talent Bridge program to address the tech skills gap with a holistic approach of connecting Cisco and partner employers to qualified candidates. We support employers throughout their employee lifecycle and prepare talent to join the workforce.