Our global partner community has made one need clear—to assist them in rationalizing their Cisco business portfolio and highlight the paths to growth. Equally important to partners is simplifying the data, analytics, actionable insights, and recommendations.

My commitment to partners is to simplify, digitize, and personalize their experience with Cisco. Last November, we released Practice Maturity in the Partner Experience Platform (PXP). PXP provides partners with knowledge to manage their Cisco relationship easily. They can access data and insights to support planning, monitor operational health and get support—all in one place.

Practice Maturity provides a maturity score, the factors driving it, and recommended actions to close gaps across Service, Software, Profitability, Automation, and Lifecycle practice areas. A partner’s score provides a quick vision of how prepared their business is to take on opportunities. We offer this as part of a journey to provide dashboards covering a top-line overview, performance, aggregate results, and detailed reports. Double-clicking can reveal additional insights and trends such as bookings growth, recurring activities, resale and adoption focus, moving to auto quoting in commerce and digital campaigns, and converting software subscriptions to EAs.

Partners can review their Practice Maturity Score and details across the five main practice models: services, software, profitability, automation, and lifecycle. They can quickly view any or all of these areas through their dashboard, which provides visibility into metrics, analysis, and insights that show strengths and weaknesses. Our partners can prioritize investment actions by looking at their Maturity Score holistically and then have the capability to go deeper into any area that needs attention and receive guidance on how to improve performance and growth.

To provide this level of insight, Cisco combined 60 metrics to understand behaviors and indicators associated with profitable practices. As an example, we have considered automation and customer success practices;  and how partners and their customers adopt products and services are reflected in the Maturity Score with Automation and Lifecycle.

The key thing about Practice Maturity is that it aligns with our partners’ businesses as they grow. We are with our partners for each step, from developing to fully optimizing all potential opportunities.


Get Started with Practice Maturity in PXP today:

-Log into PXP

-Select Practice Maturity for baseline maturity scores

-Identify key drivers of both high and low scores

-Engage The Cisco Community (PAM, POM, PSSM, and PRM) to take action!


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Jose van Dijk

VP, EMEA Partner Sales & Routes to Market

Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales