It has been quite the journey in this past fiscal year, and we have learned how we can come together and thrive in challenging times. I do not believe getting back to normal has the same meaning as before. But I feel the positive energy and acceleration of opportunity you have fueled with your customers.

My team and I have worked hard to ensure partner success by creating industry leadership in the experience, enablement, and insights that drive engagement and renewals. I have an unrelenting passion for our global partners to simplify how we exchange ideas to create platforms and tools, enable new buying centers, and explore new routes to market.

The experience we want to provide echoes what you have heard from Cisco leadership for years – to enable agile partner operations that build productivity into your business. We understand that there are shifts in your business, so we created a one-stop Partner Experience Platform (PXP) to efficiently support and drive productivity in how you navigate change at the speed of your customer’s needs.

As you have seen in the past two years, we are vigilant in reducing, eliminating, or repurposing the number of tools by 50%  into PXP and will achieve this goal in FY2023. Another milestone has been the massive integration of Total Partner View (TPV) within PXP. We have witnessed a 12-fold increase in participation with PXP as we support your efforts in hybrid work, cloud migration, and XaaS as all customers move to digitize their entire business.

We are perpetually collaborating with Integrated Partner Planning (IPP) and have seen a swift uptake in the number of plans approved by partner leaders and Cisco. We work extensively to provide accurate actionable insights for these strategic planning efforts.

Our global partner community has embraced Cisco Black Belt as the definitive way to engage your teams with the knowledge and expertise your customers desire. Over the past fiscal year, we have certified over 50,000 individuals from our global partner organizations. We are looking to create journey maps for all aspects of your business and look to automate and provide deeper benchmarking and certification tracking.

Cisco continues to focus on and expand how partners can take advantage of reoccurring revenues in your business mix. We understand that we are progressing the partner renewal motion and that more work is necessary. We are committed to building partner capabilities and automating processes regarding customer lifecycle management to a single platform for all renewals.

You, our partners, have been amazing in maintaining and accelerating business, even in times of uncertainty. As we look ahead to our next fiscal year at our annual Cisco Partner Summit in the November of 2022, we are excited by the advancements we will share to support your business and practices that will lead to deeper customer loyalty and prosperity.

Thank you for all you do!


Jose van Dijk, VP Partner Performance & Operations, Global Partner Sales


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Jose van Dijk

VP, EMEA Partner Sales & Routes to Market

Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales