Evolving Broadband Networks with Cisco Subscriber Edge

4 min read

Bridging the digital divide requires scalable infrastructure to deliver affordable services for everyone. Our Cisco Subscriber Edge solution simplifies the broadband network architecture with a distributed data plane and cloud-native control plane to enable better experiences, lower costs, and increase revenue opportunities.

April 22, 2024


It’s Earth Day! Let’s talk Circularity, Growth and Profitability!

3 min read

“The Plan for Possible” is Cisco’s next-generation environmental sustainability strategy and action plan. Our plan includes a core tenet: evolving our business from linear to circular. And that involves a circular economy-- an economic model based on recycling, reusing, and reducing the resources used.

Earth Day: How we’re helping our social and environmental systems heal and thrive

4 min read

In honor of Earth Day, learn how Cisco and the Cisco Foundation are addressing closely intertwined environmental and social issues.

April 18, 2024


Cisco Hypershield: Security reimagined — hyper-distributed security for the AI-scale data center

4 min read

Introducing Cisco Hypershield, a cloud-native approach to highly-distributed security for data centers that’s AI-powered and built into the fabric of the network.

April 17, 2024


Cisco Hypershield: Reimagining Security

9 min read

Cisco Hypershield is a new security infrastructure — a fabric — that can autonomously create defenses and produce measured responses to detected attacks, making security defenders' jobs easier.

April 17, 2024


Cisco Hypershield: A New Era of Distributed, AI-Native Security

4 min read

Cisco Hypershield is a distributed, AI-native system that puts security in every software component of every app on your network, on every server, and in your public and private clouds.

April 15, 2024


Coding for a Greener Tomorrow: Developer Sustainability Week Takes Center Stage

2 min read

The search for sustainable technology solutions has become a growing concern for developers, so Cisco DevNet is hosting Developer Sustainability Week, an online event that coincides with the celebration of Earth Day.

The Journey: Quantum’s Yellow Brick Road

4 min read

GenAI & Quantum Computing forge a secure path across industry use cases. Where GenAI accelerates analysis, PQC safeguards data from future quantum threats. Together, they unlock a healthier future.

April 12, 2024


Cisco Gold Partner: A Team Approach to Certification Turns to Gold at Advanced Unibyte

4 min read

Advanced Unibyte GmbH (AU), based in Metzingen, Germany, takes on the CCIE certification as a team, earning their organization the Cisco Gold Partner status.