Allon Ram

Engineering Product Manager

Security Service Edge (SSE), Security Business Group

Allon Ram is a Manager of Product Management at Cisco Secure, boasting an impressive 20-year in product development with a specialized focus on the security domain for the past 14 years. His expertise ranges from developing robust protection products like SWG, WAF, and DLP to threat detection and response with SIEM and XDR solutions. Residing in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel, Allon not only thrives in the high-stakes world of cybersecurity but also finds balance and inspiration through his passion for mountain biking. The dynamic landscapes of Israel provide the perfect backdrop for Allon to recharge and cultivate the innovative thinking he brings to his work at Cisco.


June 13, 2024


Bolster SaaS Security Posture Management with Zero Trust Architecture

4 min read

Cisco and AppOmni have teamed to extend zero trust principles to secure SaaS applications and data with a closed loop zero trust architecture.