June 11, 2024


Rebooting Europe’s Sustainable Growth and Connectivity with Cisco’s Policy Roadmap

2 min read

Cisco’s vision for Europe's digital strategy sets out 10 tech policies focusing on sustainable growth, leveraging AI and securing cyberspace, skills, partnerships for innovation, and importantly, connectivity for all.

June 20, 2023


Accelerating Europe’s Connectivity: fast forward to sustainable, secure, and resilient networks

4 min read

In this blog, we share our insights and recommendations for effective EU connectivity policies. Europe has brought forward various initiatives to address connectivity gaps, whilst the sector is undergoing a deep transformation in how connectivity is delivered and consumed.

March 29, 2023


Cisco Announces its Intent to Acquire Cloud Security Software Company Lightspin

2 min read

Cisco Emerging Technologies & Incubation (ET&I) intends to bolster its cloud-native portfolio with Lightspin focused on end-to-end security and observability.

July 23, 2021


Cisco Reinforces Commitment to Bridging the Digital Divide

5 min read

Cisco announces new research on the U.S. Municipal Infrastructure Index 2021, to measure how broadband infrastructure is prioritized across the country. We discuss the results with industry leaders and explore how to close the digital divide in the U.S.

Going Big on Broadband: how will governments respond to the clamor for connectivity?

2 min read

The ‘Cisco Broadband Index’ — new research published today — clearly shows the frustration around the lack of access to connectivity, and the expectations for policymakers to speed up improvements. Cisco surveyed thousands of workers in six major European countries and found that 81% of workers are demanding their governments accelerate plans to deliver high-speed, reliable internet connections, as some find themselves at the mercy of slow and patchy home broadband.

February 17, 2021


Healthcare Now – Perspectives from Australia and Japan

3 min read

Taking the pulse of #healthcarenow in Australia and Japan provides insights into what’s on the horizon for health systems globally in 2021 and beyond.

May 4, 2020


Connectivity: A Blog Series on Business Continuity

3 min read

Learn how you can advance connectivity for your organization and drive business continuity forward. Two real world use cases with instructions, specific code, or demonstrations from the DevNet Automation Exchange.

April 16, 2020


Optimizing manufacturing’s new output: data

2 min read

All digital factories need to manage their data effectively. Check out the three elements that require their attention.