CX Day

October 3, 2023


Shining a Light on Partners on Customer Experience (CX) Day!

1 min read

It’s October 3rd! You know what that means? It’s CX Day - a global celebration focused on organizations, individuals, customers, and partners at the heart of better customer experiences.

October 2, 2023


A Day in the Life of CX is better with YOU!

2 min read

It is CX Day! At Cisco we are using this day as an opportunity to celebrate the positive impact that our Customer Experience (CX) teams have made in the lives of their fellow employees, customers, and partners.

October 6, 2022


With security, is a good offense good enough?

4 min read

A strong offense provides a great foundation, but to really stay ahead of threats and bad actors, you need to stay on top of your game by practicing and adjusting your strategy in the face of change and the evolving threat landscape.

September 30, 2022


CX Takes Center Stage for Cisco

3 min read

Cisco is kicking off our first ever CX Week, an expanded celebration that recognizes the significance of customer experience.

September 26, 2022


Get Ready to Rock with CX On Tour

2 min read

International Customer Experience Day is coming, and at Cisco, customer experience is so important that we celebrate the entire week.

October 6, 2020


Fueling Digital Transformation in Today’s World

3 min read

Today is CX Day. How does Cisco Customer Experience (CX) fuel success for our customers, especially during a pandemic? We asked Tony Colon, SVP of CX Engineering & Product Incubation, about Cisco’s accelerated digital transformation and new ways of meeting customer needs and innovating in today’s world.