Alistair Wildman

Head of Customer Experience (CX) EMEAR

Customer Experience (CX)

Alistair Wildman leads Cisco’s $2.6bn Customer Experience EMEAR organisation and is responsible for ensuring Cisco’s customers get business value at every step of their technology lifecycle.

With 20 years of IT and software experience, Alistair’s career spans executive positions at technology stalwarts such as VMWare, Salesforce and Microsoft


January 27, 2020


How to become a digital-transformation hero

Deliver both technology and business transformation at the same time. Let Cisco Customer Service (CX) show you how with a super power called Collaborative Intelligence.

January 23, 2019


Foresee the Unpredictable at Cisco Live Europe

Cisco brings the power of foresight using machine learning and the power of Business Critical Services. (No superpowers required)