Marc Carney

CX Security GTM Practice Lead

Customer Success (CX)

Marc has worked in the Cyber Security and Risk Management industry for over 7 years and has been in the Information Technology sector for 17 years. Marc is a Certified Information Security Manager and has held various roles in IT Managed Services, Sales, Security consulting, and as a board-level advisor. Since joining Cisco in 2018 after running a small independent Security Consulting Partner and Reseller, Marc has held various roles in Security Sales and Business Development before taking the opportunity to lead the CX Security Go-to-Market team. Marc has undergone various job-related and industry training and has focused primarily on Cloud Security, Business Risk / Continuity Planning, and CISO consultancy. Marc holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Microbiology as well as various Cyber Security and Risk Management accreditations and an Information Security Management Certification from ISACA.


January 19, 2023


An Easier Way to Secure Your Endpoints

3 min read

Why is it so hard to secure your endpoints? The most simplistic reason is because endpoints are in the hands of human beings who can inadvertently click on a link that introduces malware or unwittingly use an unsecure Internet connection which allows threat actors to access a corporate network.

November 10, 2022


Q&A – Factors to consider when implementing Zero Trust and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) architecture

2 min read

Zero Trust and SASE are two of the most common approaches to security that have evolved to mitigate these risks. Marc Carney, Go-to-Market Practice Lead, CX Security, discusses the factors that organizations must consider when implementing Zero Trust and SASE to better secure your organization.

October 6, 2022


With security, is a good offense good enough?

4 min read

A strong offense provides a great foundation, but to really stay ahead of threats and bad actors, you need to stay on top of your game by practicing and adjusting your strategy in the face of change and the evolving threat landscape.