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The world is rapidly evolving. Regardless of where your people and devices are—from coffee shops to corporate offices, from busy highways to isolated mining sites—they need secure, seamless connectivity. Our mission at Cisco is to simplify the IT infrastructure to make these connections possible for our customers.

Organizations like The Shibaura Institute of Technology, a private university in Japan supporting more than 10,000 students and employees, are already embracing simplicity while quickly scaling.

After struggling with real-time monitoring and rapid issue detection in addition to supporting bandwidth, connection, and security concerns across their campuses, Shibaura simplified their operations with cloud monitoring.

Now, they can now watch their entire network—including Catalyst switches—from anywhere. They can also visualize traffic conditions, app health, and connected devices, to quickly identify the root cause of a problem and respond rapidly. And because their network is managed from the cloud, Shibaura will continue to scale their impact with technological advancements like artificial intelligence (AI).

Our customers aren’t the only ones evolving. At Cisco Live Melbourne, we’re showcasing the latest enhancements in our Cisco Networking Cloud vision by making big investments to help you simplify operations, fortify network security, and seamlessly scale your business.

Simplifying the platform experience

Helping customers deliver a simple, unified experience is a cornerstone of the Cisco Networking Cloud. Since we debuted our vision in June, we’ve delivered exciting improvements that make every day easier for IT.

This starts with streamlining the user experience, bringing a common look and feel across the portfolio, and introducing the new Platform Navigator that eases navigation across the Meraki dashboard, ThousandEyes, and Security Cloud. We’re also making it easier to move applications to the cloud with new OnRamps for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Next, we’re expanding upon simplified licensing announced in June to extend from Catalyst to Meraki to the data center with new, more flexible Cisco Data Center Networking (DCN) licensing tiers. The new Meraki Subscription Licensing model also offers a simple and flexible way for our customers to use Meraki solutions.

Finally, with Cisco Nexus Dashboard—our automation and operations platform—we are modernizing your data center network with the ability to configure, operate, and analyze global data center networks.

Secure networking, everywhere

Assuring a seamless digital experience across the entire network can be a massive challenge, especially when your employees are accessing critical resources from campus, branch, and remote locations. Fortunately, Cisco secure SD-WAN solutions offer 25% better malware protection than the industry average, according to Miercom, a leading independent network a security testing firm.

But secure networking doesn’t just stop at the edge of your networks. The real value of a platform approach to networking is securing every connection.
With Catalyst Wireless 9166D1 and 9136E Wi-Fi 6E access points, we’re bringing security to the center of our Wi-Fi 6E portfolio and WPA3 authentication to any environment. And the new Secure Firewall ASA on Cisco Catalyst 9300 switches offers a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective solution enforcing policy as close to the user edge as possible.

In the data center, Cisco DCN and partner AlgoSec, a multi-site security policy management solution provider, integrates with Cisco Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator (NDO). This solution paves the way for quick and secure application changes in minutes, not days or weeks.

Scalable across networks and domains

With a simple, secure network, you get time back to invest in your teams and your business—and in building something new.

Many of you have taken advantage of our API key exchange/repository, making it easier for Cisco networking platforms to connect and exchange data through automation. Today, customers are making over 10 billion API calls to Cisco’s platform every month. And it’s not just about creating automation and configuration—you’re creating new applications.

To ensure that all your networks and applications can be monitored easily, no matter where they reside, we’ve natively integrated Meraki MX devices with ThousandEyes. More than one million devices can now act as instant ThousandEyes vantage points. From one dashboard, your teams get in-depth visibility and insights into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) performance and underlying network health.

We’re also investing in AI to transform how we approach data, enhancing business efficiency and user experience. Cisco’s AI/ML blueprint leverages Cisco’s expertise in lossless Ethernet data center networking with the Cisco Nexus 9000 to provide the high throughput and low latency required, and Nexus Dashboard for visibility and configuration of AI/ML networks.

AI is also enhancing our radio resource management (RRM) process by automatically optimizing radio configurations and improving wireless networks.

As we look to AI for solutions, we want to focus on sustainability and how we can offset the increasing demand of global greenhouse emissions. IT currently accounts for 2 to 4 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions annually and AI use will only increase this demand.

Our leadership in Silicon One brings dramatic power efficiencies to help achieve your sustainability goals. With Silicon One, the Cisco Nexus 9800 series has shown to be 59 times more energy efficient than previous versions. And the Cisco Nexus Dashboard serves up real-time and historical insights about cost, energy consumption trends, and greenhouse gas emissions—even the mix of energy from low-carbon sources.

What’s next

Whether you’re using on-premises, cloud-based management, or both, Cisco Networking Cloud vision is our commitment to help transform your infastructure to be simple, secure, and scalable.


Lawrence Huang

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Cisco Networking - Meraki & Wireless

Vikas Butaney

SVP / GM, Cisco Networking

SD-WAN, Multicloud, and Industrial IoT