Diane Mievis

Government Affairs Manager

Global Policy and Government Affairs

Diane leads strategic public policy for Cisco in the European Union, including sustainability (climate, circular economy, skills, governance) telecoms regulation (spectrum, Wifi, 5G), trade and tax policies, as well as platform regulation. Diane started at Cisco in May 2021 and is based in Brussels. Diane has over 12 years of diverse experience across government and technology public affairs. Prior to joining Cisco, she was Senior Trade Manager at Samsung, she also held various postings in the Cabinets of two Ministers of the Walloon Government in Belgium.


February 28, 2023


Driving Tech Circularity Forward: a View of Europe’s Plans in 2023

The European Commission will be soon releasing a proposal on the “Right to Repair”. The overarching goal of the initiative is to extend the time during which consumers use products before discarding them. This blog provides recommendations for a “Right to Repair” done right.

March 23, 2022


Meeting Europe’s 2030 Digital Decade Targets

Cisco’s vision for powering the internet of the future looks to close the digital divide. We explore the results of Cisco's latest Broadband Index and why Europe’s 2030 Digital Decade targets are so important.

October 15, 2021


Joining forces to achieve Europe’s green and digital ambitions

Cisco joins the European Green Digital Coalition, putting its expertise and technology at the service of the green and digital transformation.