connected digital experience

May 7, 2018


Cisco Intersight and UCS Director: Executing on Our Strategy

Here’s the latest update on Cisco Intersight, our cloud-based management platform that revolutionizes systems management, and on our continuing efforts to enhance our private cloud platform, UCS Director.

February 8, 2017


Contact Center: The Digital Goalkeeper

While watching soccer in the United Kingdom (or as the rest of the world calls it, football), I metaphorically started to think of how the modern contact center has become what I refer to as the “digital goalkeeper.” Think of your contact center as your “digital backstop” and your agents as your “digital goalkeepers.”

December 13, 2016


5 Predictions for Customer Care in 2017

We're all bombarded predictions from so-called experts. But who do you trust? I believe it's important to have a strong track record. Our predictions for 2016 were on point and there’s more on the horizon. My team and I put together five predictions for Customer Care in 2017.

September 20, 2016


Customer Care and the Connected Digital Experience

Cisco's next-generation software for contact centers is now available. Connected Digital Experience allows you to deliver contextual, continuous, and capability-rich journeys for your customers.

August 10, 2016


“I’ll Know it When I Feel It” – A Connected Digital Experience

Feelings are critical to how consumers evaluate the companies they interact with. They are looking more to be “connected” with, to, and through their suppliers. And when they do connect, it is increasingly via a digital asset. Consumers are looking for an experience that drives a positive emotion for them. Companies like Cisco provide solutions that ultimately help generate those feelings for consumers and businesses worldwide.