Cisco Secure Firewall

May 18, 2022


Your employees are everywhere. Is your security?

Hybrid work is here to stay. Learn how you can empower your employees to work from anywhere, while still maintaining security resilience.

April 21, 2022


Delivering Value to Customers – Total Economic Impact of Cisco Secure Firewall

Check out some highlights of the Total Economic Impact study that customers experienced after deploying Cisco Secure Firewall and Firewall Management Center.

April 6, 2022


The Wait is Over for Secure Firewall 3100 Series

The wait is over for the Cisco Secure Firewall 3100 series. Make hybrid work and zero trust practical, with the flexibility to ensure strong return on investment with this new firewall series.

March 30, 2022


The Total Economic Impact™ of Cisco Secure Firewall

Forrester Consulting proves how Cisco Secure Firewall customers saw improved visibility and control over their dynamic environments with savings of up to 95% of network workflows and up to 83% of security related workflows.

February 18, 2022


Network Security Automation using Cisco Secure Firewall and HashiCorp’s Consul

Cisco Secure Firewall integration with Hashicorp's Consul updates object mappings reducing manual ticketing tasks and ensuring efficient firewall access.

February 15, 2022


NFL Teams Up with Cisco to Secure Super Bowl LVI

In security, preparedness is often the name of the game. That’s why the NFL teamed up with Cisco to secure its Super Bowl LVI network infrastructure.

February 10, 2022


Simplify Security at the Virtual Edge with Cisco Secure Firewall and Network Edge from Equinix

Cisco and Equinix have partnered to accelerate and simplify security at the cloud edge by bringing Cisco Secure Firewall capabilities to 24+ global locations.