Ian Thompson

Leader, SMB Marketing

Americas Growth Marketing

Ian Thompson is the leader of the Americas SMB Marketing team. In his current role, Ian is responsible for leading the marketing strategy for Cisco’s small and medium business portfolio in the Americas. He is focused on building marketing demand generation campaigns to meet business priorities, driving net new logos and ultimately helping small businesses achieve their own goals through world-class technology. He also is the host of the Small Business, Big Solutions podcast. He started at Cisco in early 2021, where he began as a partner marketing manager in the US Commercial East segment, working to optimize partners’ marketing practices. Outside of Cisco, Ian also is a HIIT fitness instructor at a local studio, where he teaches classes several times a week. He has called Greenville, SC home since 2012, where he lives with his wife. He was born and raised in Massachusetts and maintains an avid fanhood for all Boston sports.


7 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes Made by SMBs

5 min read

Being an SMB isn’t easy. It’s often tough to respond to the latest cybersecurity threats at scale due to resource constraints and knowledge gaps. But make no mistake, guarding your company’s data is imperative, not only for protecting your business but also your customers. Below, we’ve listed the seven most common security mistakes SMBs make […]

Easy Firewall Implementation & Configuration for Small and Medium Businesses

5 min read

Cisco designed our industry-leading Cisco Secure Firewalls specifically for SMBs, to simplify security and streamline implementation at an affordable price point. They are also highly customizable, allowing them to scale to your needs as your company grows.

5 Reasons Cisco Solutions Are Perfect for Small and Medium Businesses

3 min read

You don’t need to have the resources of a Fortune 500 company to adopt a new suite of business solutions. It’s never been simpler and more affordable for businesses of all sizes to adopt cloud-based solutions.

Remote Work Tools Are Here to Stay

3 min read

Despite the rapid advancement of remote work tools, many small businesses are still wary of shifting to a hybrid work model due to a lack of access to reliable technology. We look into some of the misconceptions about hybrid work and all the ways remote work tools have become easier than ever to use.

Do Not Buy a New Access Point… Yet

3 min read

If you’re looking to provide your employees with unhindered access to your wireless network, a wireless access point is a must. But we implore you. DO NOT buy a wireless access point – yet. Buying the wrong wireless access point can lead to spotty internet connections, lack of security, and low productivity for your employees. […]

5 Ways SMBs Can Protect Themselves from Cybersecurity Breaches

5 min read

Current cybersecurity technology is incredibly accessible to businesses of all sizes. Mike Storm, cybersecurity engineer at Cisco and host of the Unhackable podcast, shares few simple cybersecurity tips for SMBs to secure data and keep it under lock and key!

How much do Cisco’s SMB Tech Products cost?

5 min read

Cost is a key factor when purchasing any product. Discover how to find the right price for Cisco products based on your small business needs.

What Technology Solutions Do Small Businesses Need?

3 min read

To remain competitive, small and medium businesses need to identify and implement the technologies that will enable them to adapt quickly to a dynamic business environment and stay resilient and secure.