Andrew Ossipov

Distinguished Engineer

Cisco Security Business Group

Andrew Ossipov, CCIE No. 18483 and CISSP No. 344324, is a Distinguished Engineer with Cisco Security Business Group.

As an executive-level technical member of the leadership team, he serves in the role of a CTO for the Network Security Product Management organization.

Andrew owns all technical roadmap and architecture aspects of Cisco's NGFW products, including Firepower hardware platforms as well as ASA and FTD software across all on-premise and public cloud environments. Andrew is a well-recognized trusted technical advisor to the largest Cisco Security customers and partners at all levels.

He is an inventor and co-inventor of multiple issued and pending cross-technology patents in the United States and worldwide as well as a member of Cisco's Security Patent Committee.

Andrew is a frequent speaker at international conferences and customer events, having earned the Hall of Fame title through consistently delivering top rated technical sessions at Cisco Live. Andrew has authored numerous white papers and YouTube videos as well as a technical book.

He also participates in Service Function Chaining and TLS working groups at IETF.


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