October 31, 2023


Determining the 10 most critical vulnerabilities on your network

Learn how to take threat intelligence data available in Cisco Vulnerability Management and use it to uncover trends in Cisco Secure Firewall, uncovering new insights.

October 30, 2023


The myth of the long-tail vulnerability

A long tail distribution of exploit attempts sounds reasonable. But is this how exploitation attempts really play out? Do attackers abandon exploits after a certain stage? To answer these questions, we’ll look at Snort data from Cisco Secure Firewall.

June 13, 2023


Threat Trends: Snort IPS

In this ThreatWise TV episode we look at how Snort can be used to protect organizations, analyze Snort telemetry, and talk about what attackers often target.

June 1, 2021


Snort 3: Rearchitected for Simplicity and Performance

Snort has become the standard by which all network intrusion detection systems are measured. Snort 3, released in January 2021 is a significant upgrade.

September 28, 2020


Microsoft Netlogon exploitation continues to rise

Cisco Talos is tracking a spike in exploitation attempts against the Microsoft vulnerability CVE-2020-1472, an elevation of privilege bug in Netlogon, outlined in the August Microsoft Patch Tuesday report. The vulnerability stems from a flaw in a cryptographic authentication scheme used by the Netlogon Remote Protocol which — among other things — can be used […]

February 6, 2019


2018 in Snort Signatures

The cybersecurity field shifted quite a bit in 2018. With the boom of cryptocurrency, we saw a transition from ransomware to cryptocurrency miners. Talos researchers identified APT campaigns including VPNFilter,...

January 9, 2019


Why we want users’ feedback on Snort rule documentation

Today, Talos is launching a new community survey to solicit feedback on SNORTⓇ documentation. When Snort alerts the end user, the rule documentation is their first and possibly only avenue...

January 29, 2018


2017 in Snort Signatures.

2017 was an eventful year for cyber security with high profile vulnerabilities that allowed self-replicating worm attacks such as WannaCry and BadRabbit to impact...

November 17, 2017


Threat Round Up for Nov 10 – Nov 17

Today, Talos is publishing a glimpse into the most prevalent threats we’ve observed between November 10 and November 17. As with previous round-ups, this post isn’t meant to be an in-depth analysis. Instead, this post will summarize the threats we’ve observed by highlighting key behavior characteristics, indicators of compromise, and how our customers are automatically […]