Cisco Secure Firewall

February 2, 2023


Building a secure and scalable multi-cloud environment with Cisco Secure Firewall Threat Defense on Alkira Cloud

3 min read

Cisco has partnered with Alkira to deliver a centralized security model for multi-cloud architecture that is easy to deploy, manage, and increases visibility and control.

January 18, 2023


Encryption is on the Rise!

3 min read

The migration from TLS 1.2 to 1.3 has some very specific drivers and restraints. Cisco worked with research and consulting firm EMA to survey the market regarding why they have or have not embraced TLS 1.3 at this point.

December 14, 2022


Introducing Secure Firewall version 7.3

4 min read

The 7.3 release includes more features to deliver three key outcomes: see and detect more threats faster in an increasingly encrypted environment, simplify VPN and clustering operations, and lower the TCO of our security solution.

December 13, 2022


Is your firewall stuck in the 80s?

5 min read

Today’s workers, data, and applications are everywhere, and firewalls must be as well. Can your firewall keep up, or is it a relic of the past?

December 5, 2022


The One Team — Cisco, AWS, and Our Partners — Solving Customer Challenges

4 min read

I just returned from a super exciting AWS re:Invent 2022 conference more convinced than ever about how the “One Team” we’ve assembled — Cisco + AWS + Our Partners — is on target to solve our mutual customers’ most pressing challenges together.

November 17, 2022


Reducing Friction in SecureX Orchestration

2 min read

New features in SecureX Orchestration such as SecureX Tokens and the new SSE API Proxy reduce friction and make automation simpler