Cisco Defense Orchestrator

March 4, 2024


Simplifying Firewall Management: Cisco Defense Orchestrator Nears FedRAMP® Authorization

3 min read

Cisco continues its focus on FedRAMP® Authorization for our government customers with the addition of Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO), which has now achieved FedRAMP In-Process status. Cisco CDO is an integrated cloud management solution that streamlines policy administration across security solutions.

February 23, 2023


Four Reasons Why MSPs Need Cisco Defense Orchestrator

3 min read

Let me share four reasons why Managed Service Providers (MSPs) would do well to look at cloud-delivered firewall management to reduce investment risk and minimize complexity.

November 15, 2022


Intern To Full-time Software Engineer: My Cisco Journey Has Just Begun

2 min read

Tal H. transitioned from intern to full-time software engineer and discusses what he learned and how Cisco has everything he was looking for in a company.

November 5, 2020


FTD 6.7 maintains your at-risk security policies in a TLS 1.3 world

2 min read

FTD 6.7 enhances Cisco firewalls with unique capabilities so you can adapt faster, work more efficiently, and optimize your network security posture. 

October 29, 2020


How to Firewall: Small Business Edition

1 min read

Small business customers have asked for simplicity in firewall procurement and management. Cisco Secure Firewall Small Business Edition is tailor-made to meet these needs.

September 24, 2020


From Firewalls to Firewalling – The Future of Enterprise Security

4 min read

Now that the network perimeter is anything but static, some may wonder if the firewall is still relevant for protecting today’s enterprise. The answer is yes, now more than ever.

July 23, 2020


Cisco Secure Cloud Architecture for Azure

3 min read

Cisco Secure Cloud Architecture for Azure defines security controls to protect workloads & applications deployed in Azure. It combines Azure security controls with Cisco Security controls to provide unmatched security.