December 3, 2020


Making an Impact with Cisco 

3 min read

Katie was looking for a role where she could make an impact on her community and the world - she had no idea she'd find that at Cisco!

October 27, 2020


Gartner’s report on innovation insight for XDR

6 min read

Gartner recently shared their “Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response” in a new report. XDR (as our industry loves acronyms) is the first of nine top 2020 trends. If you’re a security and risk management leader, it’s a must-read and you can read it now.

Keys to a Successful Automation Project

3 min read

We just finished working with the analyst firm Analysys Mason on a whitepaper on the factors behind successful automation projects

March 2, 2017


IDC Vendor Spotlight: Cisco Healthcare

1 min read

Digital transformation plays a crucial role for healthcare organizations amidst new business models and market pressures. Read about Cisco Healthcare's industry leading efforts in the IDC Vendor Spotlight.

August 9, 2016


Infographic: Ovum Assesses Higher Education Today

1 min read

To summarize the current state of higher education and to provide insight on how institutions can be innovative and cost-effective, global industry analyst Ovum created this simple outline.

April 17, 2014


Not If, but When: The case for Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere

3 min read

A recent Bloor Research Market Update on Advanced Threat Protection reminds us of something that many security vendors have long been loath to acknowledge: traditional, point-in-time technologies, like anti-virus or sandboxes, are not entirely effective when defending against complex, sophisticated attacks. This is due to something we have said before and we will say again: […]