CP Morey

Senior Director, Product Marketing

Security Product and Solutions Marketing

CP Morey is Sr. Director of Product & Solutions Marketing for the Security Business Group (SBG) at Cisco with responsibility for thought leadership content and go-to-market planning.  Morey joined Cisco in 2013 bringing more than 17 years of experience in technology product marketing, product management and business development at companies including Sourcefire, IBM, Internet Security Systems, PentaSafe and Compaq.  Morey is a CPA and earned his MBA from Thunderbird, the #1 ranked school for International Business.


May 23, 2014


Threading the Needle on Privacy and Malware Protection

2 min read

We have been clear that we have a distinct approach to Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), specifically the unique way in which we leverage the compute and storage capabilities of the public cloud. Doing so enables us to do a great number of things to help customers more effectively fight malware, particularly when compared to traditional, […]

April 17, 2014


Not If, but When: The case for Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere

3 min read

A recent Bloor Research Market Update on Advanced Threat Protection reminds us of something that many security vendors have long been loath to acknowledge: traditional, point-in-time technologies, like anti-virus or sandboxes, are not entirely effective when defending against complex, sophisticated attacks. This is due to something we have said before and we will say again: […]

February 26, 2014


Malware is Everywhere. Now, so is Advanced Malware Protection from Cisco.

3 min read

Malware is everywhere and it’s incredibly challenging to combat, using whatever unprotected path exists to reach its target and accomplish its mission. Malware has become the weapon of choice for...