Oren Singer

Sr. Marketing Manager

Global Distribution Organization

Oren Singer leads Cisco’s Global Distribution Marketing organization. The organization delivers programs to distributors, provides strategy and insights to them and transforms business priorities to market impact for stakeholders.

Oren has been with Cisco for seventeen years and in the technology industry for nearly 22 years, working in areas such as sales enablement and acceleration and sales – both in the Americas and in Europe.


August 13, 2018


Secrets of Highly Productive Partner AM’s

3 min read

Want to know about what Cisco has to offer that can increase partner productivity? Check out some of these key resources.

February 8, 2017


Distributors: Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

2 min read

I have been very fortunate in life and in my career that I have been able to see much of the world. I find tremendous joy in immersing myself in...

December 9, 2016


Speed, Simplicity and Smarketing

2 min read

Wendy Bahr said it best at Partner Summit: “to move with speed, we have to simplify”. But how can you cut through the clutter and not only reach your target audience, but reach them with something that spurs action and pushes results? Our distribution partners at Comstor did just that. Through a laser focus on […]

October 14, 2016


Making Every Experience Human for Me, You, and Ferris Bueller.

2 min read

There are so many definitions for Digitization out there, all trying to convey the same concept with varying degrees of loftiness...

July 7, 2016


Cisco’s Hidden Gem – Can you guess what it is?

2 min read

I have a good friend named Jeff, whom I’ve known for several years. Since I met him, he has been the lead singer in a band, playing at various local...

May 19, 2016


Move Cisco One into your Digital Journey

2 min read

Like many folks (100 million in America to be exact), having a cup of coffee is a part of my daily routine. Oftentimes, my mornings are hectic between preparing my kids for school (I handle the drop off duties in my house) and finishing up deadlines, so finding time to enjoy a great cup of […]