I have been very fortunate in life and in my career that I have been able to see much of the world. I find tremendous joy in immersing myself in different cultures and seeing first-hand how other people live, communicate and work. While every destination and every culture has their own twist on these fundamentals, there is one recent phenomenon that is a constant: digitization. You’ve heard Cisco use this term on more than one occasion, but now we would like to share our expertise with you as it relates to marketing. Within our existing partner Marketing Velocity platform, we’ve created a track exclusively for our distributors. To help equip you and our partners to conquer the digital marketing world.

As we’ve heard from Michelle Chiantera, and from managed services company ShoreGroup, businesses of all sizes need to move quickly to digital marketing. The average person spends more time online than all other media combined, and more than 67% of customers’ purchasing research and decisions are done online. In order to reach your customers where they are, you NEED to be marketing digitally. To help you do this, Cisco has extensive amounts of marketing training, resources, and content to help you do just that!

This week, live on Cisco SalesConnect, we invite you to enlist in Project Market Yourself Awesome, our elite training program that will teach you to how to optimize your digital presence, get stronger leads and generate more revenue.



Be More Ready

The first module of MYA advises on planning digital strategy and effective digital marketing campaigns. We discuss how to create a seamless customer journey throughout the entire campaign cycle.

Be More Proactive

Expand your knowledge on revenue marketing and discover the most effective ways to turn leads into sales. Find out what Cisco services and resources are available at your advantage.

Be More Savvy

Learn how to boost your brand and your online presence. We dive into the importance of partnership, co-branding and give away our top ten tips for simplifying your language to ensure your content is engaging.

Be More Daring

Master how to build relationships and boost sales with social media. MYA has two routes to this module. Opt in for social selling and learn how to efficiently use your network. Or, gain knowledge on how to integrate digital marketing with your events and generate more

Be More Successful

Tracking and measuring your digital activity is essential to your success. In the final training, we go over why reporting is so important and what measurement tools you can utilize for all your digital marketing activity.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a spare hour or two to complete a training, we’ve designed these training videos for the modern marketer: short, engaging, and available via laptop or the SalesConnect app. Each module also has accompanying takeaways for your future reference.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete Project Market Yourself Awesome, enhance your digital marketing skills, and report back to your Cisco Partner Marketing Manager with your feedback.

For the full Market Yourself Awesome content visit: www.cisco.com/go/distimarketing.

For Marketing Velocity geared towards all partners, visit: www.cisco.com/go/marketing.


Oren Singer

Sr. Marketing Manager

Global Distribution Organization