Cisco relies on a robust partner ecosystem that drives the majority of our business. However, each of you have your own differentiated approach to the market. Today, I wanted to share some of the resources that can increase AM’s productivity. Many of you are already aware of and are using the following resources to help you find content and best execute:

  • Marketing Velocity and Partner Marketing Central where you can find marketing training, campaigns, and digital marketing automation and services.
  • Sales Connect home of the global launch hub and sales enablement resources.
  • Cisco for Partners provides the latest on programs, relationship content, promotions

… and much more!

But I want to draw your attention to a number of additional resources that can help each one of you maximize your success, regardless of what and to whom you are selling:

  1. Total Program Value (TPV)

This platform is built on partner personas (i.e. Account Managers, Business and Operations Managers, Systems Engineers, to name a few) and is constantly evolving to provide better understanding of your customer base. If you don’t already have access to it, you may sign up for it here using Partner Self Service. With just a few clicks, you may access your current install base, licensing insights, rebate opportunities, metrics, payments, and other actionable data to help drive your business. Each view is unique to your own venture, and provides rich data most relevant and actionable for you. Be sure to check in frequently to see how the latest dashboard developments can help your prospects. You can expect to see even more great features in the coming fiscal year.

Don’t forget to bookmark it!

  1. Cisco Ecosystem Exchange

Many of you are in the process of a digital transformation, working toward recurring revenue models, integrating services with other solutions, and unleashing the power of software. Let us help you transition by providing access to learning tracks, video courses, sandbox environments, and communities of likeminded individuals who are in the front lines of this pivotal point in the industry. Start by exploring the possibilities with DevNet.

  1. Customer-in wins hub

You’ve heard us say it over and over – we are better together. That also rings true for our partners – you are better together. Cisco’s Partner Ecosystem helps power-up your capabilities. Partners are already capitalizing on their collective strength with bigger and more strategic deals. Give your business a charge and find use cases by architecture, industry, and region to see how you can leverage our ecosystem. The opportunity is out there, here is your chance to own it with bigger and better solutions. We’re going to help you capture new opportunities and grow profitably through evolving go-to-market strategies, find inspiration with our customer-in wins hub.

  1. Talent Bridge

Have an opportunity but don’t have the right partner resources? Finding specialists with the right skill sets can be challenging, now more than ever. With Cisco’s Network Academy Talent Bridge, you will have access to top IT talent, global community of experts, and get direct connection to the matching engine to find that person you’ve been looking for. Start building your talent pipeline today.

  1. Cisco Community for Partners

We’re building a stronger community for you – our partners. We’re changing the experience to encourage you to engage with each other and Cisco experts, ask questions, start discussions around your experiences, and provide you with a forum you want to participate in. This tool is unique because it is really up to the partners to shape it.

Many partners feel it is only for technical training and help, it is more than that. As a partner, you are part of a community – a community of sellers, sales engineers, practice leads, and more – and the stronger relationships you build in that community will benefit you.

You, Cisco Partners, are our differentiators. Your strength together sets us apart. We will continue to educate and support you as you grow alongside us. Tell us which tool has contributed to your success or one you didn’t know about in the comments section.

Want to start taking advantage of these tools and aren’t yet a Cisco Partner? Become a Cisco registered partner! Get started here.


Oren Singer

Sr. Marketing Manager

Global Distribution Organization