Like many folks (100 million in America to be exact), having a cup of coffee is a part of my daily routine. Oftentimes, my mornings are hectic between preparing my kids for school (I handle the drop off duties in my house) and finishing up deadlines, so finding time to enjoy a great cup of coffee is often difficult.

My problem – how do I fit coffee into my busy morning, without taking time out of my day?

Aha – there’s an app for that.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve used Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay App. It allows you to choose, customize and pay for your order from any iPhone or Android device. Here’s my favorite part – you can choose the location you would like to have your items picked up at.

In a matter of seconds, my order is ready for pickup upon arrival. The app allows me to continue on with my day without wasting time and energy. This example shows a great way technology is bringing people, processes and things together to create amazing experiences.


Increase Speed toward Digitization

In a previous blog post, I introduced how Digital Network Architecture (DNA) helps innovate faster, meet compliance and reduce cost.

It’s predicated around the ability for IT to scale faster and leverage any number of services on any platform. DNA provides agility and control, while protecting an IT investment.

The shift towards digitization is imminent, and we stand ready to assist in the digital journey by leveraging digital business through insights, automation and security.


The All-In-One Solution

Time, energy, and complexity. These are a few key strains businesses have in moving faster and growing more rapidly.

Picture a way that your business could get everything needed in one service. Wait for it…. I give you Cisco ONE.


What is Cisco ONE?

In short – it’s the software solution that customers crave for their networks.

It comes in a single software product bundle, eliminating the hassle of purchasing separate features for data centers, domains or WAN. It’s even more cost effective because licensing is now portable.

Translation: you pay for licensing once, eliminating repay cost

Some of the services include:

  • Rich data and analytics
  • Solutions like Prime, which provides wired and wireless lifecycle management
  • CMX for real-time location statistics.

Translation: align Cisco ONE with our business and reduce time spent overthinking products, solution or licenses

With Cisco ONE, customers can start their digital journey today on our current portfolio. With Cisco Software Support Service, they can continue to adopt network innovations going forward.


Make Your Impact Felt

For you, our Distributors, look no further than the playbook – it will cover all you need to know about positioning Cisco ONE and maximizing efficiency for your partners and customers.

For partners, by selling Cisco ONE, you’ll see increased deal size, faster hardware refresh and drive business outcomes.

For Customers, take advantage of access to ongoing innovation and benefit from software portability all in one simple and flexible way.


Your Opportunity

Cisco ONE is the way to get all the features, function, products and solutions businesses need. It is easier to sell because it solves the problems for you by taking away the complexities of a digital transformation in a simplistic way.

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Customer adoption is hugely important. Help them activate their software capabilities. That way, they see the full value of the ongoing innovation come renewal time.

Learn more about how to take advantage of Cisco ONE here.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Connect with me on Twitter: @OrenCisco. And, feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments below.


Oren Singer

Sr. Marketing Manager

Global Distribution Organization