Jill Shaul

No Longer With Cisco

Jill has a passion for people. Flair for marketing strategy. Love for story telling.

Currently, she leads a talented team of marketing managers for Cisco's partner marketing group. The team is on a mission to inspire partners. Our partners have a choice, we want them to choose us.

When she isn't working or spending time with her family, you'll find her reading, blogging, knitting, or (her favorite) doing absolutely nothing at all.


May 17, 2018


18 Years at Cisco, On Purpose.

4 min read

Jill S. shares a few of her favorite things about working at Cisco from endless learning to the creativity used in her out of office, and how she found her tribe! Read on for more!

November 11, 2016


Now what? 5 ways to capture momentum after the big event

1 min read

My notebook is filled with inspiration, actions, ideas, and scuttlebutt from Partner Summit. I bet yours is too! Here are five things to do next (and share with your team)....

October 28, 2016


Cliff Notes for #CiscoPS16 (yep, even cliff notes are digital)

2 min read

While I never read cliff notes and prefer books to movies, I love a good spoiler alert. If you don’t, stop reading. Otherwise, enjoy this teaser for Partner Summit.  ...

October 9, 2016


23 Days. And Counting.

2 min read

“It’s in TWENTY-THREE DAYS” I tell my kids. “Our trip to Disney?!?! They inquire excitedly. “Disney…what? No! That’s not for a while. I’m talking about PARTNER SUMMIT” is my pithy...

October 4, 2016


Top 5 Reasons to Get in on the Action in November

3 min read

The World Cup comes to your town but you don’t have a ticket. Do you ignore the game? Probably not! Instead you invite family and friends to watch the game...

September 2, 2016


3 Free Training Resources for Sales and Marketing

2 min read

My bookshelf is mixed with I-can’t-put-them-down-books and read-them-slowly-books. Despite my love to read – and the plethora of offerings right in my office -- sometimes I need a quick...

August 26, 2016


2 Simple Ways to Better Serve Your Customers

1 min read

Turn off email alerts. Only accept meetings with an agenda. Take a morning to catch up after vacation. So simple yet so daunting. Serving our customers can feel the same way. We know what we should do but putting it into practice feels like the day after vacation (good intention to start your day right […]

August 11, 2016


Why I only buy Acura (and how it’s relevant to your sales and support strategy)

2 min read

I bought my first Acura for two reasons: it was a good price and I trusted the seller. What made me fall in love with my Acura – and become a die hard loyalist to the brand – has absolutely nothing to do with the price, the sales guy, or any other practical reason one […]

August 5, 2016


Partner Rewind and Fast Forward

2 min read

Spend less time making more money. Sound good? Keep reading. This week we’re talking about: Making money just got easier How to reach more of the right customers: a use case Making the mobile experience easy, instant, and collaborative   Making money just got easier. Helping you be more profitable is something we’re always thinking […]