While I never read cliff notes and prefer books to movies, I love a good spoiler alert. If you don’t, stop reading. Otherwise, enjoy this teaser for Partner Summit.


Who’s Who. How to Engage.

One of our executive recently said, “We have an amazing strategy that we get to share with our partners. In return, we’ll hear from them on how best to win in the market with it.”

Find out who said this, fun facts about our executives, and how to have a quick conversation with Chuck, Rowan, Karen, Chris, and Ruba during Partner Summit.


Spend less money. Reach more customers and prospects. Fill your pipeline with qualified leads.

How? You’ll find out throughout our three days together at Partner Summit with our executives on main stage and experts in the IMPACT sessions.

If you’re live, register for the Impact Sessions you want to attend. If you’re virtual, register for Virtual Partner Summit. Here are two more ways to spend less, reach more people, and fill that pipeline:

  1. Get an industry expert’s insider view when Martin Lindstrom joins us on FaceBook Live and takes over our Twitter account on Nov 2 at 1pm Pacific time. And check out his Impact Session.
  2. Learn what Chad Bockert meant when he said, “to understand how we approach marketing, it helps to first make one thing clear: we don’t see it as marketing” in WWT’s guest blog, “How to be the thought leader your customers are looking for”.


Grow your business. Make more money. Stand out from competitors.

How? You guessed it – find out next week. While we all anticipate what will be revealed, let’s reflect on some of the recent thought leadership in this area.

  • Create value for your business and your customers while increasing revenue streams. Wendy Bahr, Senior Vice President shares how in this blog.
  • Capture new opportunities, help your customers transform their business, and change industries. Nirav Sheth, Senior Director, discusses how we are doing this together in this blog.
  • Use customer in selling to keep competitors out while also creating credibility, tapping into new budgets, and selling more bigger deals. Denny Trevett, Vice President, provides insight in this blog.
  • Deepen your relationship with customers by making this one investment. What is it? Michelle Chiantera, Vice President, reveals it in this blog.
  • Keep businesses secure before, during, and after an attack. Shawn Yuskaitis, Senior Manager, reveals how in this blog series.


It has only been 8 months. Do you really have something new for us?

Are you still wondering if attending Partner Summit (live or virtually) is worth your time? Channele2e thinks so, citing “Cisco’s transition from CapEx toward OpEx is accelerating faster than such rivals as Dell Technologies and HP Enterprise.”  More on that here.

And let’s not forget these five compelling reasons to attend twice in eight months.


What to do next.

Watch Virtual Partner Summit!
Watch Virtual Partner Summit!









If you’re attending the event in San Francisco, download the app and register for Impact Sessions.


Jill Shaul

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