The World Cup comes to your town but you don’t have a ticket. Do you ignore the game? Probably not! Instead you invite family and friends to watch the game at your house or a local pub.

Similarly, you don’t need to be live at Partner Summit to be part of it. Get your colleagues together to celebrate our mutual success, discover what’s new, and move full speed ahead. But first, you need to let us know you’re coming.

Instead of registering for Virtual Partner Summit “tomorrow” or “maybe next week”, take 5 minutes to register today. Here are five reasons to check this off your to-do list and block your calendar right now.


Reason #1: It’s right in time for fiscal year planning

If your fiscal year aligns with the calendar year, planning for FY17 is underway. You are evaluating your strategy. Determining where to invest more heavily and where to scale back. Scrutinizing which companies to partner with. And ultimately choosing the path to grow your business. When our plans line up, we win more often.

Get the inside scoop on what’s new and how to make more money by selling and marketing Cisco.


Reason #2: Hear about topics you care about from people you trust

Hear about industry insights, trends, architectures, sales priorities, digital transformation and more. Dig deep into DNA, security, software, data center, cloud, services, collaboration, programs, and IoT. Find out how Chuck defines winning together, new ways Wendy thinks we can simplify, align, and exchange value, how to better predict your customers’ needs according to Martin Lindstrom, and so.much.more.

Discover our go-forward strategy and what you can do today to grow your business.


Reason #3: Every company is a technology company and…

…MORE. Today we are all digital technology companies with a specialty in a specific industry. We are no longer just retail stores, healthcare providers, manufacturers, or learning institutions. Your customers are looking to you to take them digital, so they are on the “right” side of the statistic that says 70% of companies will “attempt” to go digital but only 30% of those will succeed*.

Learn how you can guide customers to thrive by evolving their business into a digital business.


Reason #4: Meet your extended team

It’s getting harder and harder to serve the needs of your customers alone. Even if you can answer every call, solve every problem, and seize every opportunity, you’ll make more money when you partner with other companies. And get an edge over your competitors.

Discover new ways to partner for better outcomes with traditional and unconventional companies alike.


Reason #5: WHY NOT?

By attending Virtual Partner Summit, you get insider access to news and announcements, learn new ways to grow your business, are the first to hear about new sales and enablement tools, discover new ways to partner with other companies in our ecosystem, find new ways to delight your customers…I could go on and on.

Instead of keeping you here, I’ll stop so you can go register for Virtual Partner Summit.


What you should do next. And by next I mean now!

  • Register for Virtual Partner Summit.
  • Block your calendar to watch general session and replays of Impact sessions.
  • Get your team together for a viewing party.
  • Seriously, go register right now.

Whether you get together with colleagues for a viewing party or watch at home in your pajamas, attending Partner Summit virtually gives you maximum control over your experience. It’s like watching the World Cup with an appetizer, a beverage, and remote control. Except at this event, your team is sure to win.


The details: Virtual Partner Summit

Virtual Partner Summit is open to global, registered partners. Follow along as the action unfolds in San Francisco, November 1-3. All three general sessions will stream live. All Impact sessions will be available on SalesConnect the day after they occur. Find out more and register at Virtual Partner Summit.


*Where did that statistic come from? Our own John Chambers at Cisco Live in San Diego.



Jill Shaul

No Longer With Cisco