“It’s in TWENTY-THREE DAYS” I tell my kids.

“Our trip to Disney?!?! They inquire excitedly.

“Disney…what? No! That’s not for a while. I’m talking about PARTNER SUMMIT” is my pithy response.

As they roll their eyes and look mildly disappointed I regale them with stories about the event. They retort with their own stories about Disney World. We finally agree that both are something to look forward to, albeit for different reasons.


Whether you’re attending live or virtually, Partner Summit is the place to be.

Last week I talked about the top 5 reasons to get excited (and register!) for Partner Summit. Spoiler:

  1. It’s right in time for fiscal planning.
  2. Hear about topics you care about from people you trust.
  3. Every company is a technology company and…
  4. Meet your extended team.
  5. Why not?

This week you can sign up for the sessions you want to attend. If you’re attending virtually, let us know you’re coming! Registration is required to attend Virtual Partner Summit.

>> Fast Forward: this week Denny Trevett, VP, will reveal Customer-In Selling: what it means to you and how to learn more at Partner Summit.


Protect your company and your customers before, during, and after a security attack…

You don’t have to wait until Partner Summit to find out how to prevent security attacks, what to do when you discover your network (or customers network) is under attack, or how to recover afterwards. Shawn Yuskaitis, Sr. Manager, walks us through before, during, after, and supply chain in his four-part security series. His blogs are filled with fun analogies and how-to information.

>> Fast Forward: This week Shawn will share what to do after a security attack.


Pay more attention to customers *after* the sale

Numbers are powerful. And today’s data shows that the more time you spend with your customers after the sale, the happier they’ll be and the more your business will grow. We’re arming you with the information and tools you need to make the experience after the sale meaningful and profitable. Get caught up on how to automate revenue, and how to drive value realization.

>> Fast Forward: This week Kelli Kirwin, Sr. Manager, talks about something our most successful partners are doing (that you can do too!).

Before you go, take 5 minutes to…

Register for Virtual Partner Summit.

I’m registered so I’ll use my five minutes to brainstorm our travel list for Disney World.



Jill Shaul

No Longer With Cisco