So many books. So little time.
So many books. So little time.

My bookshelf is mixed with I-can’t-put-them-down-books and read-them-slowly-books. Despite my love to read – and the plethora of offerings right in my office — sometimes I need a quick “fix” for learning. TED Talks, webinars, and our own courses give me what I crave when I don’t have time to curl up on the couch with a good book.

Our sales and marketing teams are filled with people just like me. People that want a quick refresher or learning on the go. Which is why we offer so many options for your teams. Here are three resources:


Sales training in a SNAP

A new sales person starts. They need to learn about your company, your customers, and all about Cisco. That could take months! Combine that with stats that indicate it takes 5, 8, or even 12 months for a new sales person to ramp up and you quickly realize how much time and money drain each time you bring on someone new.

Enter SNAP, our new online training course with short modules for your sales team to learn “how to speak Cisco”, “use presentations to drive results” and all about our architectures.  Find out more about SNAP in Karin Surber’s blog.


Creating customers for life

The needs and demands of your customers are changing at a rapid pace. SuccessHub helps you build successful business models, stay ahead of the changing market, and educate your sales team. Access on-demand webinars, articles, syndicated content, white papers and more in the SuccessHub Resource Center. And learn more about SuccessHub from Kelly Crother’s blog.


Stand out from your competitors

Sales and marketing are blending together to better serve customers and bring more results to your business. Creative, skilled marketing teams can unlock bigger sales and drive revenue for your company.   Continuing to learn and develop is what keeps us ahead of competitors which is why we have a library of on-demand training that can help your marketing team build new skills or brush up on fundamentals. It’s all available through Marketing Velocity e-learning on SalesConnect.

Which are your favorites?

Which trainings are your go-to when you need a sales or marketing snapshot? Share in the comments.


What’s next?

>> Fast Forward: Install base, collaboration, and more about profitability. Come back for more!


Jill Shaul

No Longer With Cisco