Analytics & Automation

August 30, 2018


Network Analytics Explained

#Network analytics is a key element of intent-based networking. Understanding how it works is not that difficult.

August 23, 2018


Highway to the Data Zone

The Data Symposium is my favorite time of the year, and it's coming August 28-29. Don't miss it!

October 5, 2017


Cisco Focuses Analytics on Improving Operational IT and Application Capabilities

Cisco customers anticipate adding billions of new connections in the years ahead, and they are looking for intelligent networks that deliver automation, security and analytics to help them derive meaningful...

The Story of How Data Virtualization Became Data Virtualization

As the software marketer who drove the term and successful adoption of the category, I enjoy the chance to share the Data Virtualization category story.

It’s Summertime, So Analysts Turn Up the Heat on Data Virtualization

While everyone else is enjoying summer, analysts at Gartner and Forrester are busy reporting on key data virtualization products such as the Cisco Information Server.

Introducing the Cisco Data Virtualization Knowledgebase

The Cisco Data Virtualization Knowledgebase contains a range of useful content, including business and technical white papers, tutorials, tech tips, and Cisco Information Server product documentation, as well as links to myriad additional resources, Cisco training, Cisco support, and more.

Save the Children UK Improves Business and IT Collaboration with Cisco Data Virtualization

Save the Children UK believes every child deserves a future, and providing the right information to decision makers, donors, fund raisers, and foundations is critical to our mission. See how Cisco Data Virtualization is helping us access the right data, at the right time. Learn more.

A Great Time Out!

I’m thoroughly enjoying the NBA playoffs again this year, in large part because my favorite team is once again in contention for the championship (go Golden State Warriors!). I’ve watched most of their games this season and relish the entertainment the team provides. After many hours of viewership, it’s no surprise that I’ve internalized this […]