Can you build real friendship in digital work environment?

2 min read

Sharing some easy steps and tips that helped me make work with my virtual teams as effective, interactive, and engaging as any other interaction I have with teams live. Besides that, I got much more than I ever expected from a virtual environment – I got lifelong friends, thanks to the human and digital side of business.

February 14, 2019


A Little #LoveWhereYouWork Magic – Connecting on Valentine’s Day

3 min read

Christie shares how she's always lived the #LoveWhereYouWork life -- but now experiencing that while working at Cisco with her significant other is even better!

January 9, 2015


IT professionals and end users. Cui Bono?

4 min read

As a Senior Network Engineer I’ve seen many end-user issues that look like big problems but are actually very simple. The difficulty lies in a lack of understanding between end users and IT teams who support them. In this article, I want to give some advice to improve communications and relationships between these two groups.