Ken Martin

General Manager and Director

Global Sales, Sports and Entertainment Solutions Group

Ken Martin serves as General Manager and Dir. of Global Sales in the Sports and Entertainment Solutions Group (SESG) at Cisco. In his role, Ken has overall responsibility for accelerating development and adoption of Cisco solutions in the Sports and Entertainment market. Cisco has targeted the Sports and Entertainment industry as a $1B market opportunity and it is one of the company’s top Market Adjacencies.

As general manager of SESG, Ken oversees a team responsible for the business development, management, and architect of Cisco Sports and Entertainment solutions that are transforming the fan experience in sports and entertainment around the world.

Ken joined Cisco in 2005. During his tenure, he was asked to create a vertical focused on the innovation and development of solutions tailored to meet the needs of sport and entertainment specific venues around the world. Ken has participated in a wide variety of internal councils and boards responsible for Cisco’s success in the Sports and Entertainment, IOE, Connected Real Estate, and Safety and Security Market Adjacencies. Ken’s participation on these internal councils and boards included helping to set the vision and strategy for Cisco in these key Market Adjacencies.

His participation has resulted in the incubation and development of a number of Cisco solutions including Cisco Connected Stadium architectures, Cisco StadiumVision™, Cisco High Density WIFI,  Cisco StadiumVision Mobile™®, and Smart + Connected Real Estate Solutions.

Ken’s proven leadership and experience, particularly in driving the success of the Sports and Entertainment Market Adjacency, play a key role in his leadership of the SESG at Cisco.

During his tenure at Cisco, Ken has also served in other key leadership positions including the management of some of Cisco’s largest Public Utility, and highest growth accounts.

Before joining Cisco, he worked for EMC2 Corporation, managing a team that included global responsibilities for BNP Paribas and Bank of the West, a subsidiary of BNP, as well as many other high profile worldwide businesses.


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