Nicola Rohrseitz

Lead, Strategic AI Program

Chief Architecture and Technology Organization

AI is eating the World — Nicola Rohrseitz is part of Cisco’s Chief Technology and Architecture Organization, is a founding member of the Cisco AI-ML Center of Excellence, and leads the Strategic AI Program. He drives product innovation through applied research in machine learning and facilitates the adoption of AI at scale though open knowledge management and rapid prototyping methods.

Nicola serves as a technology and innovation expert for the the Swiss government and the European Commission. Prior to Cisco he has been a start-up founder and small-medium business executive. He holds a PhD in Physics and Neuroscience from ETH Zurich, as well as a Master in Robotics from the Swiss Institute of Technology at Lausanne. Back in 2002, Nicola wrote his first machine learning system. In Assembler, to run on a mobile device, the Palm T. Many levels of abstraction later, he still enjoys connecting the fundamentals towards understanding general artificial intelligence and machine consciousness.


AI, the scientist

2 min read

Scientific discovery is one of the engines of human and societal progress. Scientists spend years and years learning, devising hypotheses, carrying out conclusions, and publishing results, in pursuit of advancing...

June 7, 2017


Distributed AI Development Using Blockchain

2 min read

The development of a "dual AI economy" is worthwhile, and the synergies with blockchain make it twice as interesting.