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Nicola Rohrseitz

Corporate Strategic Innovations Group (CSIG)

AI is eating the World” and Nicola’s mission is to Connect Everything in AI.

He joined Cisco in 2016 as a Technology Strategist for the Corporate Strategic Innovations Group (CSIG). Nicola holds a PhD in Physics and Neuroscience, and a Master in Robotics and Systems. He has been an early AI start-up founder and SME executive. Nicola has been part of Google’s solve-for-x, and has run several Design Sprints (for instance on Blockchain and AI). Fun technical achievements include autonomous indoor drone navigation and making a fly control a robot.

Nicola also serves as a technology and innovation expert for the European Commission, as Advisory Board member of a governmental organization, and is member of the Board of directors of a medtech start-up. He is the author of several scientific publications and patents, and has been a speaker at technical and strategic conferences (e.g., TTI/Vanguard). His work has been written about in the New York Times, IEEE Spectrum, and others.

At CSIG, Nicola is working to unify all of Cisco’s efforts in AI in order to reach critical mass and tackle this new market transition.

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