Analytics & Automation

You Need a Data Preparation Buyer Strategy

With all that has been written and said about data preparation, you are probably convinced your enterprise is ready to take advantage of its ability to rapidly transform inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate data into the clean, complete and ready-to-use data that your analytics require. This cleaned up version of data can help inform business decisions […]

ServiceGrid Smart Bonding is Just Plain Smart

ServiceGrid Smart Bonding provides our customers and partners with a competitive edge, operational efficiencies, and increased productivity. Oh, and Cisco, too.

Workload Automation Makes Business Better

Technology changes like the weather – often. Today’s IT environment is ever evolving and vastly different than it was just five years ago. Data and analytics dominate the conversation and everybody is still trying to figure out how best to leverage their data with approaches to better serve the business, and the complexity that comes […]

Edge Out the Competition

Pinpoint the business value within the massive amounts of data with Cisco designed Edge Analytics Fabric (EAF).

Back to the Future with Data & Analytics

To know where you are going - and to make sure you will get there - sometimes you have to go back to where everything began.

Abundance: A Different Way of Thinking about Technology

There are two mindsets in business – one of scarcity and the other of abundance. A scarcity mindset believes much, if not everything, is limited. A business with a scarcity mindset holds everything close to the vest and is uncomfortable or unwilling to do business beyond its own walls. The thinking is if another company […]

Is Now the Time to Adopt Data Preparation? Analysts Say Yes!

In just three short years, self-service data preparation has gone from a nascent concept into what one IT analyst firm called the “Next Big Market Disruption” at their recent BI and Analytics conference. Benefits to Data Preparation Adopters Are Significant A myriad of benefits are driving this accelerated adoption.  On the business side, these include […]

Petals of Data Can Move a Country

Recently I talked about the dance of the decade for IT and broader industries, in which we use a value-chain approach to sense and act on data in order to turn insights into transformative value for your business. If businesses can create value that way, would it be a stretch for governments to make data […]