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Loving Employee Culture at Cisco

linked in 1 In August of 2010 my journey with Cisco began as I started my career on the Engineering Talent Acquisition Team.  Five years later, I can tell you that it is still just as fantastic as that first day because Cisco invests in me and wants me to grow.

When looking for work I knew I wanted to be part of a world-class recruitment function with awe -inspiring leaders, and Cisco fit this bill. Cisco innovates throughout every function within the company.

A typical day for me involves managing the recruitment of Software Development positions across Europe, Middle East and Africa. TA Advisors within Cisco recruit for 15-20 positions at one time, with certain peaks in demand. When these peaks happen our leadership looks at every solution to try and help the situation and we work together as a team to ensure those demands are met. I also enjoy that my position allows me to work in branding, social media, market intelligence, and diversity!

One of the things I love most about Cisco is our culture.  There is a true environment here for me to grow from within. Cisco employees are given a lot of developmental training. In my time here, I have worked within Project Management and Sourcing Training as well as Talent Advisory Sessions on Communication and Persuasion. Our teams also benefit from numerous in-house training sessions that explore topics such as Branding and Social Media to Immigration Protocols. The environment that I work in is very organic and all Cisco employees are empowered to work on initiatives to help us develop.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the care and attention that Cisco gives back to its employees and the communities around us.  My global team recently completed a Give Back Day where over 200 Talent Acquisition employees volunteered to help various charities around the globe.

I also know that Cisco also cares about me as an individual. They have helped me gently integrate back into the team after just coming back from maternity leave, and they have also supported me through a very difficult time with my father being ill.

Cisco is a great place to work and to grow, both personally and professionally. Our philosophy of “people first” cascades through every aspect of how we work, play, and live.



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Collaboration: On the Field & In the Office

Collaboration is great. But it’s not a Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones, if-you-build-it-they-will-come Field of Dreams scenario. Alas, if all it took was plowing under a corn field and putting down some chalk stripes, I might be out of a job. And out of corn flakes.

We talk a lot about technology and process, but sometimes omit the human aspect. All the technology in the world won’t do much without people using it — unless you’re watching the Terminator machines attempt their takeover. And then there’s always HAL 9000. But those guys are a lot more interested in domination than collaboration anyway.

An organization’s culture is a critical component to successful collaboration. Make all the technology announcements and managerial pronouncements you want – you need an environment that supports collaboration. Read More »

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The Collaborative Buzz of Bees

Rooftop hives at CiscoSometimes we forget that collaboration isn’t just something people do at work. In fact, it’s not unique to people at all. And some of the best collaborators out there in the world just ain’t people.

Bees, for instance. They don’t have fancy hardware, software, networks, and mobile devices, yet they’re amazing collaborators. I take that back, they do have networks – just not the kind with Cisco routers and switches behind them.

People are studying bees to figure out how you and I can improve our collaboration. By its own definition, The Biomimicry Institute “promotes learning from and then emulating natural forms, processes, and ecosystems to create more sustainable and healthier human technologies and designs.” A pretty neat idea if you ask me. Read More »

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Who is the Ultimate Cisco Live Attendee?

Who is the Ultimate Cisco Live Attendee?

That is what we want to know! Every year tens of thousands IT and communications professionals attend Cisco Live events held around the world as well as virtually. Each attendee is imperative to the success of Cisco Live, and we want to hear why you think you are the ultimate and most loyal Cisco Live attendee! The winner will be highlighted across the Cisco corporate social channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and on our corporate newsroom, The Network.

How do you show us? It’s simple!

Submit a short paragraph, video, photos (or all three) showcasing why you are the ultimate Cisco Live attendee. It could be related to the number of years you have attended the conference, the content of blogs you’ve written about Cisco Live, specific events you participated in and much more! Read below for all of the guidelines.

  • Keep paragraph submissions under 300 words and include your name and location.
  • Limit one submission per person.

By sending your submission you allow Cisco to use your submission across our social channels and The Network. Adherence to the following guidelines will be confirmed prior to the selected submission being featured as the ultimate Cisco Live attendee.

Why are you the ultimate Cisco Live attendee? Let us know today!

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