Bringing Our People Deal to Life

October 13, 2015 - 7 Comments

At Cisco, we want our employees to be at their best, and that means we need to bring the best to them.

This is why we launched Our People Deal, which is centered around unleashing every employee’s potential by connecting everything, innovating everywhere and benefiting everyone. Our People Deal is simple: an understanding of what Cisco can do for our people and what we expect in return. It is the foundation in providing an unmatched employee experience.

We are personally very proud of the culture we continue to build together and creating a community of 70,000+ people. Our people are our No. 1 commitment and we want them to be proud to be a part of Cisco.

I am pleased to share several updates that highlight how we are living Our People Deal.

Today we were recognized as one of the top 25 companies on The Great Place to Work® Best Multinational Workplaces list. Two-thirds of the score is comprised of employees’ responses representing 45 countries. Being part of this prestigious list tells us that Our People Deal is being felt among our global teams and that they trust our leadership team and believe in our vision and strategy.

We were also ranked No. 26 by LinkedIn as one of the Top Most InDemand Employers in North America. This is very exciting for us, as these rankings are based on the billions of interactions from LinkedIn’s 380 million members and the innovative approach companies are taking to enable their employees and followers to be passionate advocates. We not only talk about Cisco in social media, but encourage our employees to share their experiences.

To help our employees have the best experience, we know that one of the most important things we can do for them is to offer them access to quality care, manageable medical spend and holistic health care. Last week we celebrated the opening of our new LifeConnections Health Center facility at our Research Triangle Park campus in North Carolina, one of three state-of-the-art facilities we have at our largest campuses. While our employees and families can get primary and family medical care from the best healthcare providers, they also can get other personalized care through chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, health coaching and counseling services. Need glasses? Visit the optometry care center for your check up and then buy your glasses or lenses. Need real time with your doctor if you are at home sick? You can do that through Cisco TelePresence, digital media and mobile devices. When you just need a bit of relaxation, there also is the massage room (one of my favorite rooms to visit!)

From healthcare options, to your birthday off, to paid family time off to performance management focused on development, we are seeing Our People Deal manifest in everything we do across Cisco. We want to enable our people to have impact. We want them to be part of the most incredible and inclusive teams.

This means as a company Cisco emphasizes a culture that provides our employees with the most innovative experience, where they continuously learn, live their passions and can be their best selves.

It is an exciting time at Cisco and together we are building our next chapter. #WeAreCisco #gladtobehere

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  2. I appreciate the great news from Cisco.

  3. How come grades 11-14 are being layed off for grades 8-9?

  4. The People Deal is such an electrifying movement and has been tremendously beneficial across the board! The company has really grown together and continues to flourish. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Cisco is an amazing company and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!

  5. Thanks, Fran for leading us in WINNING as we Bring Our People Deal to Life!!

  6. I have taken advantage of so many of the life quality benefits that Cisco offers. I am thankful everyday to be working with so many people of such fine and high character. I appreciate the great news and your fine writing, Francine. Thank you for being another one of the reasons I enjoy working at Cisco.

  7. As you said here “Our people are our No. 1 commitment and we want them to be proud to be a part of Cisco.” and I trust you believe in that. This contradicts with some facts I know and puts me in total misunderstanding how the company decided to cancel the SE job position and fired the person with triple CCIE badge instead of someone less qualified with the same job position. How this aligns with your No.1 commitment?