Andrew Williams

Communications Manager

People & Communities

Andrew is a Communications Manager within Cisco’s People & Communities space where he gets to work on content and strategy around everything DEI-related. Since 2012, he's worked in communications with non-profits and government agencies around the world when he isn’t at home in Toronto, Canada. Outside of work, Andrew is probably at the beach, spending time with friends and family, traveling, or praying to God that he’ll travel soon! Whatever the event, he's also usually enjoying a few of his favorite things: cheesecake and oranges.


February 21, 2024


How sponsorship is a catalyst for change

3 min read

Navigating the corporate world can be daunting but, with the right sponsorship, it doesn't have to be. Learn more about how sponsorship can foster growth and open doors to career advancement.

How Cisco’s Commitment to DEI Helped It Keep One of Its Best Employees for 23 years (and counting!)

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Nakia Stringfield has been a proud Cisconian since 2000. Read about how Cisco's commitment to DEI learning and development enabled her to invest in herself and take ownership of her career.