August 7, 2020


Business Resiliency Redefined

2 min read

In IT, the need to redefine business resiliency is stunningly clear. Disaster recovery, business continuity solutions, data center redundancy, cloud backups, threat detection and mitigation, etc. – until today, resiliency meant ensuring that applications and data would be always available and secure.

January 29, 2016


What’s YOUR Mantra?

3 min read

“Put your oxygen mask before others.” I have heard this mantra again and again this year in different women’s conferences and seminars.  And this was the first message from

January 16, 2014


Introducing Cisco Prime Service Catalog version 10.0

3 min read

I’m excited to announce the recent release of our next-generation service catalog software, Cisco Prime Service Catalog version 10.0. (Click here for a larger image.) As previously introduced in my colleague Song’s blog post, Cisco Prime Service Catalog is an industry-leading IT service catalog solution for any managing any type of service request – from […]

April 29, 2013


Rethinking the Mobile Workplace with BYOD

1 min read

Providing the Freedom Employees Need, Without Compromises BYOD continues to get headlines, as organizations look for ways to help users work the way they want, when and where they want—with the device they choose. Ultimately, mobility is more than BYOD. At Cisco, we believe work is a verb, not a place you go to – […]