SES ( soon to be called ClickZ) hosted a Digital Marketing Conference in Jakarta this week which is the meeting point for digital marketing and advertising professionals in the AP region.
Here the  latest mobile marketing trends, best practices, new technologies have been discussed and presented, including Cisco’s CMX capabilities as part of meet the experts session called “Context marketing using Wifi location services”.

SESjakartaSome interesting observation and ideas being discussed include:

Multi-Channel Attribution modeling:
While online marketing investments are more measurable compared to conventional media such as television, however tracking what leads to sales conversion is becoming increasingly complicated.
The simple measures of last click or first click attribution are not fully meaningful to represent today’s omni-channel ultra-connected consumer. Therefore it’s not surprising that multi-channel tools and attribution modeling are one of the hot topics in digital analytics.

Data to underpin a successful digital marketing strategy:
Increasingly consumers are connected all the time – and with that every day around the world, connected consumers are being wooed by offers of better prices, better deals and better service.
How can marketers compete…often the only defence they think they have to fire back at competitors is to match those deals and price cuts.
However data is key, as more information about customers becomes more plentiful and more detailed, and as customers become more interactive with the companies they buy from, the competitive marketing landscape is becoming radically different. For many advanced organisations it is using data to deliver insight and analysis gives them a competitive edge to keep ahead of the pack.

Customer engagement & purchasing
Customers are truly hyper-connected, demanding revolutionary e-commerce experiences while becoming more and more challenging to reach. We as customers demand more. More attention, more context, more relevance, more personalization and more care in the way we are communicated with…. This is a real challenge for many organisations in the digital age. Marketers struggle with knowing how best to achieve one of these steps without having to focus on all, and many questions are being raised. Can organisations sustain a long-term customer relationship digitally? What works and what is new that marketers can add to their marketing arsenal? Once you’ve got the customer, how do you ensure the experience is one that will have them coming back again and again? How can you entourage them to engage and continue to make that engagement experience relevant?

Utilizing CRM to nurture relationships and increase ROI

Despite all the hype about the fancy things you can do to engage and acquire new customers, the traditional adage is that customer retention still yields the best ROI, and is still very much true in the digital age.
The combination of traditional CRM and digital CRM data is emerging rapidly as a key area for organisations to work on. Those that have gone on this path have begun to see value already with, Strengthen ongoing relationships with your customers through social CRM programs, Capitalizing on CRM data to communicate effectively at the point of sale, making promotions more contextual, relevant, timely and personalised.

How digital marketing can be enhance with the wifi revolution was the key message during the expert roundtable called “Context marketing using Wifi location services” . Using the capabilities of our CMX platform and working with our ever growing ecosystem of partners has opened up many new possibilities and avenues for mobile marketing – delivering some of the promise or real-time context location based promotions.


Please return in a few weeks when Cisco will present at the ClickZ Digital Marketing Event in New York on 2nd of April.

Clearly the marketing  world is waking up to the importance of WiFi location based services in its armoury.

Cisco’s CMX solution continues to expand and evolve to enable real business value in this emerging marketplace, and there is much more to come.

For more information on CMX visit: www.cisco.com/go/cmx.


Brendan O'Brien

Director Global Product Marketing

Connected Mobile Experiences