November 8, 2017


#CiscoChampion Radio, S4|Ep.17: IPV6 Security

#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by technologists for technologists. In this episode we’re talking to Scott Hogg about IPV6 Security.

Segment Routing – Ready to Surf the v6 Wave?

SRv6 opens the door to an entirely new paradigm: “Network Programming.” Discover what's possible when you construct a network infrastructure that has embedded programming capabilities.

February 27, 2017


An IPv6 Campus of the Future

We built an IPv6-only campus to demonstrate to our customers not just the criticality of this technology but also how exactly to manage the transition seamlessly.

February 14, 2017


IPv6 Enables Global Mobile IoT Innovation and Proliferation

IPv6 enables global mobile IoT innovation and proliferation. See what Mobile Visual Networking Index (VNI) findings support this assessment.

FOSDEM 2017: a view from the NOC

FOSDEM 2017 was again a great success. We did a bit less analysis compared to 2016, but the numbers we got indicate the number of visitors grew significantly compared to last year: the total number of unique MAC addresses went from 9711 to a stunning 11918, an increase of 22.7%.

Bringing Segment Routing and IPv6 together

You may be pretty familiar with Segment Routing and I bet you’re likely tying it to MPLS as the industry at large has been mainly focused on driving awareness and adoption of MPLS Segment Routing. But did you know Segment Routing could work in a native IPv6 environment? Sounds interesting to you? Let’s first go […]

Segment Routing is crossing the chasm with real live deployments!

As stated in my previous blog on Segment Routing, 2016 marks an inflexion point in Segment Routing adoption. I’m not making this claim in a vacuum. This is actually grounded on multiple Service Providers’ feedback expressed during a Tech Field Day event on Segment Routing held last week in San Jose. Tech Field Day brought […]

Fosdem 2016, part 4: what netflows tells us

Now in part 4 we can combine the the IP to MAC address tables together with the user agents, captured by NBAR2 and  exported using netflow. The result of all this logging is a list of MAC addresses, the IPs a particular MAC address was using at a certain time, and the user agents we […]

Fosdem 2016: a first quick look

As is our tradition by now a team of volunteers helped out with the network setup and operation of Free and Open-source Software Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM). The network was very similar to the one used over the last two years and we wanted to report on the evolution of the traffic we measured. This […]