Nicholas Petreley

Technical Consulting Engineer

Developer Experience

Nicholas Petreley was an award-winning columnist, writer, and editor for a number of computer journals in a former life, a teacher, programmer and consultant in an even more distant former life, and is currently a technical consulting engineer for Cisco Systems, Inc.


March 9, 2023


Perform Web GUI Administration and Configuration with the AXL API

AXL is a SOAP-based API that provides a programmatic way to perform web GUI administration and configuration tasks. Try the Python AXL Zeep learning lab.

December 12, 2022


ThousandEyes Trek: The Motion Picture

Can ThousandEyes help Kirk, Spock, and Uhura find the location of an unidentified communications bottleneck?!

November 9, 2022


How to Use Presence Web Services

Suppose you have a group of employees to whom you assign tasks as they come in. How do you know who is available? See how you can build an application that automatically assigns tasks according to the "presence" of the users.

October 13, 2022


Got Windows… But Jonesing For Linux?

See how you can run Linux graphical applications on a Windows computer.

August 15, 2022


Get Ooey GUI with PyQt6 Zeep and AXL

Want to build a Python AXL administration and configuration app with a GUI? Check out this Python version of Qt called PyQt. Throw in a little Zeep, and you’ve got a handy Python SOAP AXL interface with a modern Qt UI.

July 26, 2022


ThousandEyes Looking at EchoLink

While the best application of ThousandEyes might be to spot performance problems with cloud services, have some fun reading about how a ham (Amateur Radio operator) is using it.