Prasant Vadlamudi

Head of Global Cloud Compliance

CX / Security and Trust Organization

Prasant Vadlamudi is a senior leader with more than 16 years of experience in information security, trust, and compliance. He has deep expertise in cloud security and global certifications combined with a passion for tackling massive, industry-wide security challenges. He excels at data-driven, security decision-making and applies a pragmatic, risk management approach. Prasant heads Cisco Global Cloud Compliance as a senior director within the Security and Trust Organization. He is responsible for delivering a security and compliance baseline for all Cisco SaaS offers to improve the company’s security posture and access across global markets. Prior to Cisco, Prasant served as the Head of Adobe’s Technology Governance, Risk and Compliance group, managing global security compliance and certifications for Adobe Services. He was the key architect of the Adobe Common Controls Framework (CCF), which became the foundation for all Adobe certification and trust strategies and unlocked global sales opportunities for their SaaS offers. He also championed and led the creation of the CCF automation platform, which enabled the conversion of security controls checks from point-in-time to near-real-time. In various leadership roles throughout his career, he has built and led teams of: • Governance, compliance, and risk engineers as the 2nd and the 3rd-line of defense, enabling effective risk management and controls • Enterprise resiliency and business continuity specialists • Development engineers building the CCF automation platform for controls continuous monitoring • Source-code audit ninjas responsible for preventing and detecting 3rd-party IP use issues • Data governance, security policy, awareness, and training experts • Engineers and program managers leading strategic security initiatives to adopt operational leading practices and remediation activities • Dashboarding engineers for reporting on various facets of security metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Prasant believes in being a team player and in building future security leaders, having groomed several individuals that currently serve in security leadership roles across the industry.


May 5, 2022


Announcing the public availability of the Cisco Cloud Controls Framework (CCF)

We are proud to announce the general availability of the Cisco Cloud Controls Framework (CCF) for public use, accessible at trust.cisco.com/compliance/ccf.