Orestes Matos

Technical Solutions Architect

Campus Automation Center of Excellence

Nice to meet you. My blog is meant to share my passion for networking and how Cisco through its EN products can help improve your business and simplify your daily work life as a network engineer. I have been in this field for over two decades. Prior to Cisco, I worked in Financials, Pharma, and Media verticals. Along the way, I obtained a CCIE in Routing and Switching and a CISSP. As a Technical Solutions Architect, I have worked with most industries and have been at Cisco for over twelve years.


November 30, 2022


Cisco Catalyst 9300X – IPsec And Cisco Umbrella

4 min read

Learn how to configure IPsec and Umbrella tunnels on a Catalyst 9300X by onboarding it with the PNP Cloud Service and Cisco DNA Center. 

October 31, 2022


Finally – IPsec On A Catalyst Switch

2 min read

The new Cisco Catalyst 9000X with IPsec support is finally a reality. I will quickly cover three use cases that are relevant to branch deployments.